Cote de boeuf dry aged

Cote de boeuf dry aged

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Beef is shipped by air in polystyrene with ice, delivered by courier to the address indicated.

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The Cote de Boeuf steak, also called Rib Steak, is cut along with the bone from the ribeye, i.e. the ribbed part of the carcass. This element of beef is distinguished by its marbling, that is, a large amount of fat between the muscle fibers. It is the fat that carries the taste and aroma of beef and makes ribeye steaks the most juicy and expressive. The Cote de Boeuf steak is an ribeye with a short bone.

Our beef is exceptional, dry aged beef for minimum 21 days.
The first part is dry seasoning, or maturation, which lasts 14 days.

The second stage is the seasoning of the beef in a thin coat of tallow.
Our steaks are a completely different league! A sophisticated delicacy for every carnivore looking for the best quality beef.

Beef, thanks to its unique seasoning system, is undoubtedly one of your favorite delicacies. Unique dry seasoning in tallow and butter protects against excessive drying of the beef. It improves the taste and structure, making the meat tender, juicy and extremely tasty!

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