Wagyu Beef Burger

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Burgers 100% from Wagyu beef.
The highest quality, handmade and with attention to the smallest details. You can forget about the meat between the teeth, because our burgers are made of wet-seasoned (minimum 3-4 weeks), selected and cleaned elements such as: ligawa, shoulder, leg and neck. They are seasoned only with top-class salt and pepper, which guarantees an amazing taste and excellent aroma. The incredible juiciness of our burgers is due to the high marbling of Wagyu beef. Due to the large marble, we add a maximum of 5 percent tallow to burgers, thanks to which we obtain a fat content of 25-30 percent. It is worth recalling that Wagyu beef contains a lot of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and oleic acid that is healthy for our heart.
Don't spend money on burgers of unknown origin. 90 percent of them is made of trimmings containing a mass of membranes, and the meat itself is of poor quality. Thanks to us, you will also save time devoted to choosing beef, grinding, seasoning and cleaning. Satisfaction guaranteed, because you won't get such burgers anywhere else.

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