Ribeye dry aged marbling

Ribeye dry aged marbling

1. DPD FOOD shipment: beef shipped in a cardboard box in a temperature-controlled container delivered to the recipient's door 24-48 hours (Designated cities and their vicinity) Gdańsk/Poznań/Łódź/Kraków/Katowice/Wrocław/Warszawa

2. DPD shipping: beef shipped in styrofoam with ice delivered to the address indicated 24-48 hours

3. We ship from Monday to Thursday

4. Orders placed before 10 am will be shipped on the same day, orders placed after 10 am will be processed on the next working day

Weight +/- 20g

antrykot kruchy
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Boneless ribeye steak (Ribeye) cut from the dry-aged central part of the entrecote.

Dry seasoning reduces the water content of the meat.

Ribeye is characterized by a high fat content, thanks to which it is extremely juicy, has an intense meat flavor and a delicate texture.

It is selected from among very rare and highly valued animals which, thanks to their genetic properties and breeders' craftsmanship, have achieved the highest degree of marbling.

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