Wagyu beef is the most expensive beef in the world and it is more and more appreciated by gourmets for a reason. The Wagyu breed has an excellent predisposition to store intermuscular fat, the so-called marble. This fat is an outstanding flavor carrier. Anyone who tries Wagyu 100% will remember this unique taste and aroma for the rest of his life. This fat is delicate and creamy, it even melts in the mouth. Provides a unique taste and aroma. And the larger the marble, the higher the price.
Modern society more and more often prefers to eat less, but at the same time tasty and healthier. Wagyu beef, which is famous not only for its taste, but also for health, fits perfectly into this trend. It contains a large amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The British have long appreciated Wagyu beef for its very low cholesterol, lower than in fish or chicken. In addition, Wagyu has anti-cancer properties, and thanks to the oleic acid content it is also valuable for our heart.