The Wagyu race includes several bloodlines. Tajima, Kadaka, Shimane and Okayama are the most important of them. 

TAJIMA (Tajiri)
This line is known for its strong marble effect. It is the source of the most expensive beef in the world - KOBE.
This line is characterised by slower growth, narrow rump and low milk yield.

This line is characterised by good growth, bigger body outline and high fertility. It is known for its delicate skin. 

SHIMANE (Fujiyoshi)
This line of cattle is known for its mild nature and high fertility rates.  It is also famous thanks to its large body outline, very strong material instincts and less profound marble effect. The progeny is big, but the marble effect is usually less profound than in the case of Tajima. 

A very good line to breed cow mothers. Large body outlines and high milk yield.

Kochi and Kumamoto 
These are red-coloured varieties with strong influence of Korean and European races, particularly Simmental.