1. Marbling is very important for the positive taste and quality of the beef, it is one of the critical factors in the beef classification scale worldwide.
2. Marble is technically known as intramuscular fat (IMF). When looking at a raw steak, we look at white veins, it is these fat particles that give the beef a soft texture and give it a taste. Marbled fat should not be confused with the thick layer of white fat surrounding the outside of the steak.
3. WAGYU Beef is famous for its large marble, which is full of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and oleic acid.
4. The marble melts while the meat is frying, giving it a unique flavor while keeping it tender and juicy. In fact, the temperature at which marble melts is not much higher than room temperature.
5. Marbling is measured as the percentage of fat in red meat. This is a key factor in the classification of beef.
6. The higher the marbling content, the higher the quality of the beef and the more expensive the price.
7. So, the next time you buy a steak or compare types of beef, remember that marbling does not make the steak "too greasy" (as some might think). In fact, it provides the body with healthy fatty acids and makes beef incredibly delicious.