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Beef from cattle of the Japanese Wagyu breed is considered the greatest rarity among meats. Its uniqueness comes from a genetic predisposition to the deposition of intermuscular fat, which is responsible for the so-called marbling. It is this localized fat that provides an extraordinary taste experience and allows it to be fried without the addition of butter or oil. Importantly, Kobe beef is one brand of Wagyu beef and not all meat from the Wagyu breed can be referred to as Kobe. Find out why top restaurants around the world serve Wagyu beef steaks!


We believe that behind the excellent quality of each product there is great passion, commitment, experience and expertise to deliver the absolute best to our customers. We know literally everything about the products available for sale in our online store. Each photo shows an authentic, real product, not an example - this means you can take a close look at the marbling of each portion of the entrecote, roast beef or sirloin before you make a decision. We believe that a high price obligates us to provide comprehensive service at all stages of selling such rarities as Japanese Wagyu beef, and by doing so we earn the trust of the best chefs in the country and Europe.


Every chef realizes that fat is a carrier of flavor. That's why high-calorie foods seem to be the tastiest, and why the traditional reduction diet is such a difficult challenge for lovers of good food (Wagyu beef, on the other hand, fits perfectly into the keto diet). Marbling, or fat deposited between the muscles of Wagyu cattle, resembles snowflakes. This is a huge difference from pork meats, which are rimmed with fat around the muscle and have a uniform texture in the center. The marbling of Japanese Wagyu beef ensures that when the fat is rendered during frying, the tenderloin, entrecote or roast beef gains the perfect balance of juiciness and tenderness. Are you looking for the highest quality products for your restaurant? Or would you like to serve your loved ones one of the world's greatest delicacies? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our store!

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